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outdoor drama company identity

Client: Olde Salem Stage Company

Olde Salem Stage Company is revitalizing the performing arts scene in Salem MA. They put on performances in local parks and outdoor spaces. The group consists of a small team of performers and production specialists. They are creative, energetic, and full of life. The brand needed to reflect those qualities while keeping in mind local heritage.

The process began with sketches of witchcraft iconography, globe theater-inspired silhouettes, and simplified Salem landmarks. We decided to move forward with an icon of a willow tree for its relevance to one of Salem's most popular parks. It was drawn in a runic style to ensure there was some witchiness. It is Salem after all.

The modern serif swear was chosen as the primary typeface for its blend of old and new. It has a range of weights and slanted styles providing plenty of room for creativity and flat-out fun. the sans serif Filson Pro is paired with Swear for its complementary curvature. It can be used anytime there is a need for functional type.

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