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What's Inside




Vagrants Agency
Director: Jack Lemay
EP: Winston Macdonald
AD: Dustin Devlin
Producer: Jill Wyman
DP: Patrick Ruth
Colorist: Evan Griffin
Motion Graphics: Jonah Kaplan
Food Stylist: Jenny Wilson
Props: Larry Sampson
Stop Motion: David Lauer, Ri Crawford

Amp Agency
ECD: James Hough
CD: Eric Sutton
AD: Liz Grant
AD: Me (Jeff)
Copywriter: Rachel Macmunn
Producer: Kelly Vanwart
Account: Esther Wang

RXBAR was looking for a video campaign as colorful as its packaging. The goal was to reinforce the brand's No B.S. ethos and answer some commonly asked questions about their ingredients. I worked alongside the Amp Agency team as a Designer and Art Director from concept to production.

The challenge was heightened when the pandemic hit just two weeks after concepting the production plan. Ultimately a small crew was used to shoot within a controlled environment with many eyes watching live via video feed. Despite the restrictions, the videos gained creative value because of all that wouldn't be possible. It forced us to think outside the box and produce something special.


The Hero

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Social Cutdowns:
Nuts, Natural Flavors, Dates, and Egg Whites

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