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Waymo Social Content




Amp Agency
ECD: James Hough
CD: Abby Peterson
Designer : Kelly Mosher
Designer : Me (Jeff)
Copywriter: Rachel Macmunn
Producer: Kelly Vanwart
Account: Esther Wang


Waymo is an Alphabet owned autonomous vehicle technology company previously known as Google's self-driving car project. When Waymo came to us at Amp, they were looking to boost their social following and develop a social strategy that would get them engaged with and audience that wanted to learn more about autonomous vehicles and the future of their implementation.

We set out to create monthly content for Waymo that positioned them as the vehicle autonomy conversation leader. 

World Braille Day


Waymo often talks about its accessability for those who are visually impaired. World Braille Day was a great opportunity to share some details about Waymo's vehicle accessibility with this post. It was adapted for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

New Years Countdown

For our New Year celebration post we wanted to do something more energetic. We created an animated countdown video that touts Waymo stats associated with each number.



This voting post touches on the parellels of mobility and voting. Mobility for all is one of Waymo's sayings, and this post allowed us to talk about how just like they believe in safe and easy access of mobility, they believe in the same for voting.

Intern Welcome

Waymo is proud of its intern program and wanted a fun video post to show it.

Sensor Suite Breakdown

Explaining how autonomous technology works can be tricky. There's a lot to understand and we needed to make sure we broke down the information in a way that was easy to digest.

International Women
in Engineering Day

Naturally, Waymo is filled with engineers. International Women in Engineering Day was an opportunity for Waymo to talk not only about engineering but its values on diversity. We got some employees to help share some of their perspectives.

Black History Month

Black History Month


Waymo values diversity, and actively supports their employees of color. With this Instagram story, we wanted to give a group of employees who are a part of the Black at Waymo Employee Resource Group a platform to talk about their experiences at work, home, and school.


Self-Driven Women Webinar

When Waymo hosted a Women Leadership Webinar, they had 4 employee panelists. We shared an Instagram story that introduced the 4 women and allowed our audience to register for the event.

Giphy Stickers


We created a library of giphy stickers so our audience could use them on Instagram Stories when posting about Waymo or sharing one of our posts. We also use them on story posts to add a little branded motion. Just search Waymo on IGS!

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