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Natural capital
company rebrand

client: chloris geospatial

Chloris geospatial is a natural capital company using space tech to more accurately measure carbon data than traditional ground methods. they have been established for a few years, and now that they are in a position of seeing business growth they wanted to bring their logo and branding into a more modern place. They wanted a minimal mark that subtly spoke to their product, but wasn't too focused on organic earthy crunchy. They are a tech company after all. 

The previous logo was limited in its use. It was too complex, hard to read and the tree didn't really represent the company in a meaningful way. we opted for a combination of land and space using the leaf and star as shape elements to create the brand mark. We also updated the color palette with a more saturated variety with lots of room for mixing, matching, and adding a breadth of life into the brand.

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