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Avienda Flooring Visual Identity

Avienda is a series of hardwood flooring offered to various distributors. While I was a design intern at CCA Global Partners, I was tasked with rethinking the original identity system and creating a new look that better represented the different subcategories of the brand. The goal was to create a system that encompassed not only an overarching logo, but two supplementary logos for the new "Rustic" and "Legacy" lines of flooring.


To accomplish this goal, I utilized color and iconography to distinguish the three marks, but unified them under the same shape and structure. The result of the project brought fluidity to the consumer experience. The consumer was the number one concern in this project. With there being different versions of the same brand, the fear was that there would be confusion among consumers as to which product line they were viewing. When the work is viewed, I wanted to make sure that there would be no question that you are looking at an Avienda product and know which line of products you are looking at.

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